Meet the Team

Agency Landscape + Planning is the lead landscape architect working with the DIA. Agency Landscape + Planning are leading a core design team of designers and engineers - WXY and Haskell - who will contribute to schematic design drawings for a shared vision for the future of Shipyards West Park. Together, this team is generating a comprehensive and actionable design that will honor the site’s unique historical and ecological heritage, transform the identity and use of this forgotten gem, and strengthen the connection of the waterfront to the city and the community.

The collective experience of the core design team is supported by the expertise of a team of specialists who will investigate and advise on a broad array of cultural, environmental, and economic topics to ensure that every voice in the community is heard, and every aspect of the waterfront’s future is thoughtfully considered. Specialist team members include Acuity Design Group, DVDL, ETM, Fluidity Design Consultants, HLB Lighting Design, James Lima Planning + Development, Mechling Engineering & Consulting, Meskel & Associates Engineering, Moffatt & Nichol, and Smith Surveying Group.

Throughout this process, we invite you to share your experiences and engage the team through community surveys, pop-up events, and workshops.

Roles and Responsibilities