Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shipyards West Park and where is it located?

Shipyards West Park is a 10 acre parcel of formerly industrial waterfront on the St Johns River, at the southeast corner of Downtown and the southwest corner of the Eastside neighborhood. The park is accessed by East Bay Street and is bounded by Catherine Street and Hogans Creek.

What are the plans for Shipyards West Park?

The Jessie Ball duPont Fund embarked on a year-long process to craft a systemwide activation plan for the Downtown waterfront. That plan serves as a vision document for future investments in waterfront properties based on hundreds of hours of community and stakeholder conversations about what the future waterfront should include. The plan envisioned Shipyards West Park as a rich cultural, recreational, and civic asset for Downtown Jacksonville, and all Jacksonville metropolitan area residents. The project is just kicking off. As such, specific ideas about amenities and programs have yet to be determined but looks to the activation plan as a starting point.

Will there be water access from the park?

Fishing and boating are being strongly considered as program elements at this phase of the design. The consultant team is working diligently to create a park that offers desirable uses to the community.

What is the budget for this effort?

The city has approximately $25 million earmarked for the Shipyards West Park design and construction, though the total cost of the park construction will be identified once the preferred park design is confirmed.

What consulting firm is doing this work?

Agency Landscape + Planning, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the design lead for the Shipyards West Park design project. The firm is joined by a core design team of designers and engineers - WXY and Haskell- who will contribute to schematic design drawings for a shared vision for the future of Shipyards West Park. Together, this team is generating a comprehensive and actionable design that will honor the site’s unique historical and ecological heritage, transform the identity and use of this forgotten gem, and strengthen the connection of the waterfront to the city and the community.

The collective experience of the core design team is supported by the expertise of a team of specialists who will investigate and advise on a broad array of cultural, environmental, and economic topics to ensure that every voice in the community is heard and that every aspect of the waterfront’s future is thoughtfully considered. Specialist team members include Acuity Design Group, DVDL, ETM, Fluidity Design Consultants, HLB Lighting Design, James Lima Planning + Development, Mechling Engineering & Consulting, Meskel & Associates Engineering, Moffatt & Nichol, and Smith Surveying Group.

Who is this park for?

The Shipyards West Park will be designed as a destination for residents and visitors to gather, get outdoors, take in city views, and be a part of the future Downtown riverfront. The park will be designed for universal/ADA accessibility to ensure it’s inclusive and welcoming to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

How will the Eastside community be affected by this park?

This park will provide opportunities for Eastside families to enjoy as an important community space at the edge of their neighborhood. The park will include a neighborhood gateway and various neighborhood serving amenities for daily gatherings and big celebrations.

How can we give our opinion about what the park should be?

Throughout the planning process we will have many opportunities for community members to share their ideas and feedback to inform decisions along the way. To stay informed about the latest planning and development news and happenings at the park, please email us at or continue to visit us here.